The team

Meet the team who help run Cisco's Micra Files. These are passionate and dedicated micra enthusiasts.


Evade was the 9th member to ever join the site, so he played a major role in helping get things off the ground. Evade has a strong passion for the micra as well. This passion and eagerness to find out as much as possible about this car has seen him contribute piles of useful information and resources to the web site. He has owned two micras: A blue, manual Super S and a blue, CVT SLX.

Evade is also right into digital photography and video editing and was the main driver for capturing excellent micra-related video footage for the Video Clips section.

Thesedays, he gets around Melbourne in his boosted super s which has embarrassed many larger cars. It really gets along and has the micra's unique character to boo(s)t!

white knight

White Knight, formerely known as 'Family Hack' from his red micra slx, runs a well cared for fleet of boosted k11's in Burnie, Tasmania. "White Knight" is his flagship vehicle which features a toyota supercharger and a lot of brilliant custom fabrication. "White Knight" is the ongoing project which always seems to be getting treated to yet another upgrade. "Family Hack" features a tidy turbocharger conversion and has now become his wife's main vehicle - how lucky is that?

White Knight has a deep passion for the k11 micra and a dedication to our online micra community.

White Knight has loads of experience which combined which his glowing passion for the micra makes him a great candidate for running your ideas past in the Technical Forums.

Alex B

Alex is from beautiful Bribie Island, Queensland. Alex is a talented graphic artist/designer who has contributed his fair share of excellent artwork to our online community. Alex has a passion for quality work and a professional finish.

Alex drives a very tidy modified blue Super S and has many plans for modifying the vehicle to the extreme including a turbo conversion sometime down the track. Alex is another clever do-it-yourself person always trying new things and is a good source of knowledge related to the k11 micra.


Makes is a passionate micra owner from the beautiful Gold Coast, QLD.

Makes owns not one, but two 1995 Super S micras. Makes' daily driver white Super S was his first micra project, but is kept within practicable limits for reliability and availability. While the latest second Super S is the more experimental project car. Makes wants to try some more serious modifications to this one.

Makes has been a member of the site since the dim, dark when CMF began. You will find Makes always helpful, polite and very knowledgeable on the micra and any related questions or issues.