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FS: 1996 Super-S - Ex-evade

Wed 16 Sep 2015 07:54:52 PM
For Sale: 1996 Micra Super-S

Hey Guys,

I’m finally back from Europe and I need to sell my beloved Super-S after it’s been kept in the capable hands of my father while I’ve been overseas for the past couple of years. I bought this from Evade back in 2008 (see and I’m sad to see it go, however I have a new car while still having another Micra so it’s gotta go! I’m hoping it can go to a good home from someone on here.

For those unaware, the Super-S is rare in Australia, due to there only being around 300 sold, and there’s likely many less after all these years.

Advtantages over LX/SLX:

-Upgraded interior including better seats, tacho dash, etc.
-Rear disc brakes instead of drum
-Colour coded bumpers and rear spoiler


-1996 Nissan Micra Super-S (Series 1)
-Odometer: 260,000km
-Colour: Ultramarine
-No P/S or A/C
-Whiteline Lowering springs w/ Koni shocks on fronts
-On 13” LX Steel wheels
-Tinted windows
-Not registered and no RWC. Car sold as-is.

The Good:

-Body is straight, minus a couple of scratches (see photos)
-Sunroof works and doesn’t leak!
-Recently serviced including Oil, Oil Filter, RHS CV Shaft
-Get to own a piece of K11 history!

The Not-so-good:

-Since swapping in the fresh engine, it idles a bit rough and hunts a bit - possibly missed a vacuum line but haven’t been able to diagnose. It otherwise runs and drives fine.