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Replacement parts fitted: headlights and distributor

Tue 12 May 2015 04:42:18 PM
Hi folks!
I recently fitted some new parts, and wanted to share my experiences. I swapped the headlights as the original units with plastic lenses were casting little, if any, light at night. The plastic lens had become too milky. I also replaced the distributor, as the original had a coil pack failure.

Headlights ~ $150 delivered
These were a great buy! Local, Australian distributor. Glass lenses. Once fitted with new bulbs as well (details below), I couldn't believe the difference!

Osram Nightbreaker H4 bulbs ~ $35 delivered from Ebay
I got them in from the UK. Australian street legal. Nice and powerful white light.

CAD brand distributor ~ $170 delivered from Ebay

Another local Australian delivery. Chinese Automotive Distributors brand. Fired up first go. Works fine so far. 1 year warranty. The only comment I'll make is the configuration of attachment plugs is different to the original, so the CAS connection appears stretched. If it becomes an issue I can get an auto-electrician to make up a new cable.

O2 sensor ~ $70 delivered on Ebay.

A plug and play unit, for a very good price. Local delivery.

Otherwise, the n-CVT has clocked up over 170,000km and is still chugging along nicely. I'll next look at replacing the carbon rods in the electro-mechanical clutch, to play things safe.