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Member Name Meatpie
City Yaizu
State Shizuoka
Country Japan
Vehicle dark green 1993 
Modifications My mate GAVE me this car when he moved from Shizuoka to Okinawa. It was totally stock when he gave it to me, but since then I've: added 15 inch alloys (Volk Racing 'EV Revolutions') with 195/50 yokohama doughnuts. Recoloured the interior to match exterior coz it had that shit-brown stuff when I got it. Full fibreglass bucket seats and 3 point Schroth harnesses. Lowered uprated suzuki (vomit) escudo (Vitara) coil spings (front) and Tein coil springs (rear) and a shortened panhard rod. Got some HKS gauges half-arse fitted. Stock 998cc big block and 5-speed with pea-shooter tapering down to 3/4 inch as it passes over the rear axle. Runs like a strangled fart. This is a 'March' seeing as I live in Japan, and it came standard with air conditioning power windows power steering and power double overhead drink holders, and nipple clamps.
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