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City Oxford
State Oxford
Vehicle was white 1994 
Modifications NME Micra Challenge rally spec built in 1995 and modified over the years to a Group A 1312cc Rally car with dog box and lsd etc. Car won the Kumho UK national championship in class A5 in 2002 and was rolled at the end of 2003. We are now building a wide arch kit car version for competition later this year. The engine developes 118bhp at 7200rpm and only starts to drop off at 7800 rpm with excellent torque. We have Nismo suspension bushs alround with Bilstein dampers and Eibach springs. The panhard rod is non adjustable and does not seem to affect the handling when lowered for tarmac rallying. ( The car won is class in 2003 on the Isle of Man by 4.30 minutes beating some Subaru and Mitsubishi cars )Brakes are front discs and calipers from a Sunny GTIR plus the master cylinder from and early 2.0 P10 and disc brakes at the rear. There are pictures of the car at
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