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Member Name Colt357TW
City Taipei
Vehicle light green 1996 
Modifications you know, the usual... footwork: Federal 185/55/14 82V,Data Champ 14 inch lightweight alloy rims Suspension: Tokico street(sucks), going to Toser or AOE with 4 stage damper adjustable after the roads improve Intake: 400/inch mesh metal screen with 1 layer of pantyhose wrap over it(homemade Cold air intake with PVC pipe coming soon) Exhaust: Removed both catalyst convertors, a restrictor block inside front pipe to keep up back pressure so low end torque will not loss. Electrical: direct grounding like this NGK #7 iradium plugs, 8mm silicon wires generic strut tower bar, foamed in main beams for extra rigidness SARD fuel pressure regulator Ducktail wing ECU reprogramed, I need a E-Manage soon Exterior: stock 4 door sedan (Taiwanese special version, that extra weight from trunk actually help cornering, go figure) by 2005 i should have it mod to front engine RWD with a highly modified VQ35DE inside, hopefully I can locate a rear mount tranny to better distribute the weight. Look out Evo and STi, little Micra/March gonna blow your doors off ;)
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