Canberra Micra Meet: 20 July 2003

Site members: 2, Brendon and Cisco met up at Parliament house after lunch. After a chat and browse through 2's awesome japanese March catalogue/magazine we ventured out through Tuggeranong. We stopped to fill up both the cars with Optimax and our bellies with fatty KFC and then it was out past Tharwa and up into the Brindabella Mountains. We spotted a tiny skerick of snow in the very far distance on one of the more sheltered mountains within the Brindabellas - it was unfortunate that it wasn't as cold as usual because this area usually has some scattered snow cover around this time of year. The mountain roads out past Tharwa are excellent! Plenty of curly roads up and down and we saw countless Kangaroos and everyone did a couple of cheap handbrake turns on this dirt road haha.

Brendon's car is the green LX, 2's is the KMAC lowered red LX. 2's car has very nice rear clusters from the 2000 model nissan march. Note: 2's car features some unique styling such as the removed rear number plate cover and removed rear wiper. I actually love the effect its given his car and I'm thinking of copying but putting some ultra bright white LEDs tucked away to light up the number plate so its legal.