Factory Bolt-ons

This page is an impressive list of available modifcations made available conveniently by Nissan. The micra is really the little brother of so many other Nissan vehicles. This gives micra owners a lot of highly accessible options for clever upgrades.

4x100 wheels

The k11 micra runs about the most common 4stud bolt pattern shared among many makes of front wheel drive cars. You can happily swap wheels with many other cars such as pulsars, corollas, lancers, charades or any other car with the 4x100 bolt pattern. One of the most cost effective alloy wheel upgrades can be sourcing factory alloy wheels from more expensive vehicles, usually they're quite good value. An excellent example are the N15 nissan pulsar plus 14"x6.0" alloy wheels. You can pick them up for around $250/set if you're lucky and they're just great. They look very nice on the micra and are reasonable in terms of weight.

N14 SSS pulsar wheels also look great

GA15 Throttle body

This engine was available in some European countries and is very closely related to the CG13DE. The larger throttle body from the GA15 is a perfect fit - even the electrical plug lines up perfectly. This makes a pretty cheap performance upgrade if you're trying to create an NA screamer CG13DE.

GA16 and SR20 throttle bodies can also be made to fit using adaptor plates. This is a popular option in Japan where k11 performance shops sell these pre-made adaptor kits straight off the shelf.

Glove Box Knob / Lock

The Micra and N13 Pulsar share the same glove box knob / lock. (Thanks to 620racer for this info)

Japanese factory cup holder and dash tray

A common gripe among micra owners is the lack of factory cup holders! Now although extremely rare outside of Japan, these items are definately worth tracking down as they dramatically improve the overall everyday driving experience that you will have in a micra.

Something this simple is all the micra ever missed out on. You can sometimes be lucky and find them for sale on Ebay or Yahoo Auctions Japan.

N12/N14/N15/GTi-R Short Shifter

I originally spent lots of energy trying to source a short shifter for the micra. I even built a custom cut and shut style one once. Then it became common knowledge that the N12/N14/N15/GTi-R model Nissans all use identical shifters as the k11!

You can usually find one for sale on Ebay that suits at least one of those models, chances are, it will slot into your k11 perfectly. Many people have installed such shifters now as nothing exists specifically for the k11.

N14 1.6 Pulsar AD18V front brakes

This has to be one of the best bang-for-your-buck upgrades to any micra. The factory front brakes aren't too crash hot, they're designed for mum running down to the shops and back. Enthusiastic micra drivers will discover pretty quickly that you don't have to be racing around Wakefield raceway to get them to fade. Two or three successive hard corners under brakes in a row and they'll start to fade on you. But who cares when a set of chunky ventilated 1.6 pulsar brakes are so cheap? Off you go to the local wreckers then.

From my experience, I would recommend just buying the calipers and sourcing some brand new DBA rotors. Disc rotors from wreckers can quite often be warped and its pretty impossible to tell by picking them up and seeing if they look straight. They'll usually be covered in surface rust aswell. DBA rotors represent excellent value for money, are 100% straight and have a number of other advantages. I ended up spending about the same as a new set of DBA rotors would have cost and then I found that my used discs were warped anyway.

N14/N15 Pulsar RS5F31A manual gearbox

Both the N14 and N15 1.6litre pulsars (Almeras/Primeras overseas) run the RS5F31A 5 speed manual gearbox. This gearbox bolts up absolutely perfectly to the micra's CG13DE engine! You don't have to modify a single thing. Even your existing micra's clutch and starter motor will remain to work with the new gearbox.

The only issue currently is that you will need custom driveshafts made up, unless you can find any other factory driveshafts that will make this conversion possible, and it is highly likely that some exist. Previously, I had custom shafts made up using N15 2litre inner and outer CV joints all for strength. It was an extremely beefy solution and worked a treat. Your car will have taller gear ratios, so you can cruise at lower revs in 5th gear on the highway, and if you're making a lot of power, the taller ratios will be well received.

It is preferable to source an N15 gearbox as these are newer and have been reported to contain a few minor improvements over the N14 boxes, such as more durable gear selector forks.

If you do source an N15 gearbox, you will need to source an N14 speedo drive sensor, otherwise your micra's speedo will not be able to function. Because the N15 uses a sealed electronic sensor, where as the N14 uses a hybrid one which allows you to remove the electrical part of the sensor to reveal a cable knotch underneath which is perfectly compatible with the micra's speedo cable. Way to go Nissan!

Nissan Exa E15T RS5F31A Gearbox

The Nissan EXA's RS5F31A gearbox also mates up directly to the CG13DE engine, however some changes to the engine mounts are required, but this is relatively easy.

If you go this route, the micra's factory driveshafts can be retained and are a direct fit.

Nissan S13/N14/N15 steering boss kit

Save yourself the pain of waiting for a retail shop to order you in a k11 micra specific steering boss kit. They are identical to that of the Nissan S13, N14 and N15! Just make sure you get the NON-HICAS version.

You can purchase one online here from Wheelspin in Western Australia. They quality is great and they are made in Japan.

This HKB brand in particular has been proven to work perfectly on the micra. The blinker-release mechanism works reliably as opposed to some other k11-specific boss kits such as Autotecnica that have had problems in this area.

Nissan Skyline R33 GTS-T fuel pump

1995 R33 Nissan Skyline GTS-t fuel pumps fit the k11 micra with minimal modification.

The only modification necessary is to file out the negative connector in the wiring to fit it on the negetive terminal on the pump. Also the pick-up (the flexible gauze bit) needs to be bent back during fitting so it doesn\'t foul on the bottom of the tank. It is very obvious when you install it.

Thanks to Snoopy for this piece of information.

Sunny/Pulsar GTi-R AD22VF front brakes

So you don't think N14 brakes will be sufficient? You must be planning to run a fair bit of power through those front wheels? No worries, again Nissan has thought of micra owners like you by making the Turbo/4WD GTi-R brakes a straight bolt on! The only trick is that you will need to space the calipers out from the hub with some 1mm washers as the two cars have very slightly different mount offsets. But that's no big deal, washers cost about 1 cent.

I would only recommend these brakes for micras running high powered turbo conversions really. Pretty much anything else can be pulled to a fade-free halt by the above-mentioned N14 1.6 pulsar brakes. The AD22VF GTi-R brakes are a bit heavier aswell, as they bring increased unsprung weight (more load on your suspension and ride etc) - so only go for them if you absolutely need them. If you do decide to install these heavy duty brakes, you can make up for the slightly inreased unsprung weight by throwing on a set of lightweight racing rims!

Super S tachometer gauge cluster

One highly-desirable option for the addition of a tachometer to your SLX or LX model micra is to fit the factory gauge clutster that the Super S model came with. We have tried this temporarily to prove that the tachometer actually receives a signal and functions perfectly when plugged straight in without any further modifications needed. Way to go Nissan!

The only problem is that they are extremely rare, so if you find one, don't let go of it!

UK Almera heater controls

Nissan Almeras in the UK have nice alloy heater controls which fit straight onto the micra's heater control panel.

UK Nissan Sunny GTi seat head rests

These sportier head rests are a complete plug in swap - absolutely no hassle.

UK Nissan Sunny interior door locks

Another interchangeable Nissan UK part. The surround is black compared to the grey normally found on the micra.