Secondary catalytic convertor decat surgery

23 Feb 2003

Factory headers and built in catalytic convertor Looking inside the factory smaller catalytic convertor before its been 'gutted' All of the stuff that I got out of it! The catalytic convertor after all the insides have been removed.

While I was bored this afternoon still a couple of months before I will be getting started on my turbo conversion, I decided to remove the insides of the front catalytic convertor and see if any noticeable difference in power can be found. In Australia, the micra is one of the very few cars that comes from the factory with two catalytic convertors. It is legal to only have one catalytic convertor.

Obviously just doing this isn't enough to get any kind of decent power gain, but I was interested to see if any difference could be noticed. Well, its one of those tiny, almost useless mods that you sometimes do when you're bored that you say "I think I can notice the difference, but maybe I'm just imagining it!".

It's pretty much like that, there's definately no big noticeable difference, maybe a very tiny improvement, but you could probably only measure on a dyno and it might only be half a kw!

Ok enough stupid mods like this, these factory headers along with the front now-empty cat will be going in a few months!