Rules of the Technical Forums

By partipating in discussion in the Technical Forums section of this web site, you will abide by the following rules:

  1. First and foremost, you will be polite and courteous to fellow members at all times. Any failure to post polite, respectful messages will result in the messages being deleted and your account being suspended. The point of the Technical Forums is not to humiliate people or to speak with slang or poor language towards them. Any messages which come across somewhat rude/short/abrupt will be promptly deleted. We want people to have a pleasant experience when they use this web site, not have to put up with rude members posting thoughtless messages or sarcastic remarks.
  2. All messages must be written using proper english grammar and spelling. Your message will be indexed in Search Engines and accessible by others in the future. Poorly constructed messages are difficult and frustrating for other people to read, especially those who spend the time to ensure their messages are constructed properly. Any messages which contain excessive shortcut english like "u" instead of "you" for example, will be deleted. These messages are a waste of time for the people reading them, further to this they make our online community appear lazy and careless.
  3. Please keep your personal details up to date, especially when your email address changes. Members will try to message you by using the site's message facility, failure to keep your email address updated, means that you may miss out on important messages which can cause frustration or delays.
  4. Please select the appropriate forum area to post your message. For example, do not post a "FOR SALE" message inside the "General News and Info" forum, choose the "Classifieds" forum.
  5. No terribly offensive language is to be used. Any messages which show no respect for children or women by posting excessive swearing will be deleted and your account will be suspended. There is no need for such language. The occasional "shit", "crap", "bloody" etc is not a problem on seldom occasions, but regular swearing is not acceptable. Most importantly the use of more harsh swear words is not tolerated.
  6. Messages or jokes of any discriminatory nature based on race/religion/sex/sexual-preference will not be tolerated. While these jokes may be fine for many people, they may also greatly offend others. Any messages containing such discrimination will be deleted and the author's account will be suspended.
  7. You accept any advice or instructions from any of the fellow members posting to this site entirely at your own risk. Any damages or harm caused by following instructions on this web site is completely your own fault and you follow such instructions at your own risk. Cisco's Micra Files, its creator and its members are not responsible for any of the information in the Technical Forums.
  8. With all these rules aside, enjoy the Technical Forums!